Cash Advance

Access to cash is imperative for keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. Sometimes a rapid cash infusion is just what’s required to maintain your businesses financial health. Getting a bank loan for it though requires massive amounts of paperwork and hours of prep. It’s time you probably don’t have or want to take from daily operations and sales.

Applying For A Bank Loan Eats Up Scads Of Your Time and Resources. Some of the rigamarole you’ll have to go through to secure a bank loan:

  • An updated business plan
  • Statement of financial status
  • Income Tax Returns From Previous Years
  • Cash flow Projections
  • Sales Projections

The A1 Charge Cash Advance Is A Simple And Fast Way To Access Funds Via Your Merchant Credit Card Processing Account. The A1 Charge Cash Advance is not a loan but an advance against your credit card processing receipts which is repaid through your merchant account. You decide how much cash you’d like to be advanced, and we review the request against your average credit card processing sales. You then receive the funds within days of approval.

Payback is made through automatic deduction of an agreed upon percentage of your daily Visa® and MasterCard® sales. There’s no interest rate or preset “term” for payback. The amount and time varies with the amount of your credit card sales.

It Really Is Simple. With The A1 Charge Cash Advance:

  • You Benefit From The Cash Advance’s High Approval Rate
  • 24 Hour Approvals Are Possible
  • You Have Fast Access To Cash Without The Hassle Of Getting A Loan
  • Funding Is Often Available In Less Than 7 Days
  • No Fixed Monthly Payments – Payback Is A Percentage Of Sales, If Sales Slow Down, So Does Payback.
  • There’s No Collateral Needed As The Advance Is Against Future Sales
  • No Fees Or Penalties For Extended Payback Times
  • Never Any Hidden Costs Or Fees
  • No Personal Guarantee Required

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Any Business Can Qualify Including New Businesses
  • Monthly Credit Card Volume Must Be $5000 Or More
  • You Must Have 12 Months Or More Remaining On Your Commercial Lease
  • Resolution Of All Prior Bankruptcies