Credit Card Overview

Payment by credit card is quickly becoming the most popular form of payment for customers. The reasons are simple: choice and convenience.

Taking payment by credit card has simply become a necessity for almost every business. Accepting credit card payment gives your customers the freedom and convenience to make immediate purchases without being limited by cash on hand or having their check book with them.

Giving consumers the choice and convenience of payment is one of the keys to attracting new customers and increasing sales revenue. Consumers consistently spend more on credit card purchases than they do with cash, and credit card payment is fast, reliable, and safe.

At A1 Charge, we’ll help you build your business by setting you up with the best system for accepting credit card payment at the point of sale or online. A1 Charge offers some of the lowest processing rates in the industry, so you can keep your costs down and profits from credit card sales up.

Whether you’re setting up a new merchant account or just want a better solution and deal for your existing business, A1 Charge has a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s wireless terminals, pin pads or a countertop setup, you’ll find what you need in our wide range of free equipment.

Advantages Of Accepting Credit Card Payment With An A1 Charge Merchant Account:

  • Fast Checkout – Electronic payment is the fastest and most convenient method of payment. Move your customers rapidly through checkout and avoid lines as their time spent counting change or writing checks is eliminated.
  • Increased Sales Revenue – Customers spend more when they’re not limited by having cash on hand or their check books with them. The average purchase with a credit card is consistently higher than with other forms of payment and so is the frequency of impulse purchases.
  • Improved Operating Efficiency – Store operations are faster and more efficient with electronic payment. Cash handling is reduced and mistakes minimized. Transactions are easier to track and reconcile. You’ll save time and money and have more time to spend with your customers as well as manage your business more effectively.
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty – Making the payment process as simple and easy as possible for your customers is one of the keys to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Payment flexibility gives consumers a convenient, pleasant, and reliable shopping experience.
  • Reliable and Safe – Having less cash in the till reduces your vulnerability to theft. Credit card payment is fast and reliable.
  • 24/7 Help – A1 Charge is always there for you with live help for technical and account support along with online user guides and information.